Especially on 'We Shall Overcome'

And 'Kum By Ya' 'Michael Row The Boat Whatever, etc.etc.'

Slacktivist on this weekend's protests. Yes, I was there, along with Justin Raimondo, apparently. Reports I saw and heard claimed from 40K to 100K. So let's say 65.5K.

That's a lot of folks.

Then again, the Folsom Street Fair reportedly gets 300-350K. San Francisco's liberal all right - but a tad on the apolitical side, looks like.

Still, there were hella people at Saturday's protests. Read Raimondo's complaints on multi-issue protests here. Disappointing (albeit not surprising) that the (L)ibertarian is willing to relinquish anti-war discourse to the shadowy backers of International A.N.S.W.E.R., whoever the hell they may be. Unfortunately, it's those guys who are acknowledging that some of these things -- poverty, race- and class-based elitism, the struggle for resources are all interrelated, while the Libertarians sniff down their idealist noses. But Raimondo does get a hash-mark for at least giving the leftists a shout-out and a fighting shot.

Shit, at least they're actually doing something other than what I am, sitting and fretting behind the Pismo, refreshing Google News World every 10 minutes...

Hell...most other (L)ibertarians are still tripping and falling over themselves, in prostrated worship of The Market (tm), to be materially relevant to the world political situation as we now know it.

So, go Justin. I guess.